Kate Durbin
36 fillette
after Catherine Breillat’s film

what does she want?            isn’t she too young for a disco?      a car is like a chick 
    you soon get tired of it            you discover the flaws too late          what’s the problem?
I didn’t look at you enough?                 how old are you?               a typical chick stunt                   
 dip your wick three times in the same chick and forget it             it’s better to screw a goat
are you the queen of England, dog face?            she’s outta her skull            how old are you?                
    beat it, little bitch!            say you’re sixteen            how old are you?             I wonder
what you want?           are you bored?            I bet you’re difficult            is anyone pleased
with you?            is your mom appalled at you?             are you mad at the whole world?              
    how old are you?            you shouldn’t talk like that         she’s nuts, and she’s hot for it
she’s a juicy pear, ripe for the picking         she’s getting reamed by a paratrooper           
    we fucked that other girl 	    busted her sphincter         girls who think they’re hot stuff
are always lousy in bed        what a freak        what were you up to for the last hour you little
slut?       how old are you?        you tramp          he thought you were a hooker
open your mouth      what do you want?        say you’re eighteen        how old are you?        
at your age I had to be in by midnight        could you be a virgin?       kiss me        how old
are you?        if I ask you to my hotel, does  that mean I’ll jump on you?    do you care what I 
say?     would you like to cost a lot?  does money turn you on?     can’t I touch you anymore?
    how old are you?     it’s a crime to treat a man that way     inhuman    how old are you?     
here I can touch you     it’s allowed    sit down!     why aren’t you undressing?     I could have  
killed you then!     you think you know it all      you know nothing     how old are you?    
  young flesh is so enticing    how old are you?    look at me!       you’re lovely    built like a 
real woman   you have beautiful breasts     how old are you?   stop gabbing   how old are 
you?   it’s awful   how old are you?   I let  myself get carried away by you   how old are you? 
you want to leave how old are you? I knew you were lying your head off how old are you? 
how old are you? how old are you? from now on you can scream you can struggle because 
now I know you want to I also want to up there you don’t want to but down here you are