David-Baptiste Chirot

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David-Baptiste Chirot: born in Lafayette, Indiana. Grew up in Vermont. Lived and worked Gottingen, Germany, outside Amsterdam, Holland, Arles & Parts, France, Hastveda, Sweden, Wroclaw, Poland, Boston, MA and Milwaukee, WI.  Essays, Stories, Prose Poetry,Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry, Event/ Performance Scores, Reviews, Statements, Interviews published in 90 plus on line and print journals in 16 countries. Works translated into 6 languages. 5 Books and 4 chapbooks forthcoming and published. Has participated in 350 + Visual Poetry/Mail Art Calls, Exhibitions, Galleries in 45 countries. In the last year and a half, increasingly making covers for books and journals both, appearing in a number of different countries and languages. Visit his blog or flickr, or read more at Black Robert Journal, Word for/Word, Karaub, or Cronaca Sovversiva Feneon.