Simon Morris

Artist’s Statement
Getting inside Jack Kerouac's Head, 2008-9

Simon Morris (b.1968) is a conceptual writer. His work appears in the form of exhibitions, publications, installations, actions and texts which all revolve around the form of the book. Morris initiated the following projects: bibliomania (1998-2001); interpretation, spinning: de-centering the self and a text that destroys itself in the process of its own reading (2002); The Royal Road to the Unconscious (2003); re-writing Freud (2005); sucking on words: DVD documentary on the American poet Kenneth Goldsmith (2007); getting inside Jack Kerouac’s head, blog (2008) and making nothing happen: DVD documentary on the Czech artist Pavel Büchler (2009). His investigations involve working in collaboration with many other people from art, creative technology, literature and psychoanalysis. His role as an artist is to create a theoretical space that others feel comfortable working in and to erase his own ego in order to stimulate desire in others. He works to create a space of transference where linking and connecting can take place, a shared space of encounter. Morris proposes a collaborative model as the most productive way of working. His work is often inspired by the work of others. His engagement is poetic rather than logical. It may involve a purposeful misreading of the source material or even re-writing. The methodologies he utilises include destruction, rupture, erasure, nonsense, concealment and the irrational which allow him to create a fluid space of non-meaning. By working with non-meaning, the spectator is put to work in the construction of meaning. He can be found online here and here.