Brian Joseph Davis


“Let me tell you about Johnny, daddy-o. If I were you I wouldn’t mess around with Johnny. He don’t like nobody on his back. Johnny’s got his own demons. You wanna see something? You wanna see Johnny go? He can really go. He can really screw it on. Johnny says we gotta hang around and wait. Johnny insisted on meeting you. Don't you think you should be interested in Johnny's payments to me? I think you should be. You seen Johnny Boy tonight? I don't know where Johnny is, what trouble he got into. I don't know if you'll find him right away. He probably heard about the trouble today. Johnny's a pretty smart guy. If Johnny is late again, I hope he can dance with a broken leg. I always know where to find Johnny. In the casino losing his shirt. That Johnny. He’ll be the death of me. He’s one in a million, that Johnny. If you're worried about Johnny, don't be. I hate him. That's how it's been ever since Johnny and his cowboys took over the local.

“Ah, the good old days, before Johnny went AWOL. You can’t take it so seriously. After all, it’s Johnny. Johnny’s right for this ranch. He’s no hothead. I know I can count on Johnny to continue my work. Johnny does you favors kid. You got to do a little one for him once in a while. Let's do it for Johnny. We'll do it for Johnny! Isn’t Johnny terrible? He’s simply too fantastic for words. Oh, I've got all the faith in the world in Johnny. Whatever he does is all right with me. If he wants to dream for a while, he can dream for a while, and if he wants to come back and sell peanuts, oh how I'll believe in those peanuts! And then we can spend the money for Johnny's surgery.

“Well, does anybody really know Johnny? I don't think that Johnny likes me. Johnny is such a hard name to remember and so easy to forget. All I really want is for Johnny to love me like he did in high school. I was crazy about wanting Johnny to stay out of trouble. Well, Johnny says he's a communist and he doesn't believe in property. You can’t be angry with Johnny. It’s a waste of time.

“Oh you hated Johnny. Was afraid he’d get away. I tried to keep you in good with Johnny. You know Johnny when he gets mad. Just because Johnny warned you not to, you're going down there, aren't you? You remember Johnny? Johnny Boy, your kid brother? This thing of ours? I told Johnny the only reason I was marrying him was because I was tired of waiting for you.

“Really? Then you know Johnny. Why would you say Johnny? You hate Johnny. You've been jumping around Johnny like a trained monkey. You haven't done everything Johnny knows how to do. Johnny doesn't think it would be a tragedy if you lost me.

“Johnny has a job. He couldn’t have been at the races. I may have misjudged Johnny. He can be sweet. So protective. Johnny never takes anything seriously, running about the country, getting married here, there, and the other place. Here's my plan. I will get back my empire from Johnny. Someway. Somehow. Johnny has to die first.

“More money? I never asked Johnny for money. How can I get Johnny to give up gambling? Was Johnny in the car? It was Johnny. You know we can't hide anything from Johnny. Johnny's a nervous wreck anyway. I was talking to Johnny, then fell asleep. I didn't mean to. Johnny was right. We’re on the wrong side.”

“They’ve got Johnny. They took him in a car. They’ve got Johnny. They’re going to beat him up. Let Johnny go!”

“Nobody told me why Johnny had to die. You can't tie me into Johnny's death just because of a coincidence. Maybe Johnny choked to death on one question too many. Put Christmas in your eyes and keep your voice low. Tell me about paradise and all the things I'm missing. I haven't had a good laugh since before Johnny was murdered.”

“Look’s like Johnny’s here. Johnny just hasn't learned when you're dead: lie down. Would you mind? I want to speak to Johnny alone. You heard what Johnny said. No part of the Waterfront'll be safe for you now.”


“How you feeling Johnny? Happy birthday Johnny. Hi Johnny. Where you been? Johnny, I've been looking for you. Say it! Can’t you say something? Please Johnny. I won’t get on your back. What do you want me to do, Johnny?

“Still the hardman, huh, Johnny? Johnny. Easy as an apple now. Watch your smoke, Johnny. Sit down Johnny. It’s nice to be nice, Johnny. Don’t worry Johnny. I’m not here to settle old scores. I hate this Johnny. I really do. I hate violence. It was rude of you run away without saying goodbye. It's good to hear your voice Johnny. It's been a long time. The world has changed, Johnny. You wouldn't believe how much the world has changed.

“What are you doing in this miserable gully, Johnny-my-love? Johnny, it's too dangerous for you to be in public. I want to know how you been, Johnny. It’s been a long time since you disappeared Johnny. You got any friends Johnny? Which side are you on today Johnny? Did you ever think of settling down in one place, Johnny?

“Johnny, I want to talk to you a minute. I’ve given you a couple of chances. I don’t know what you’re after. Johnny. Why did you leave? Just that one question. Answer me that. Look, I’m sorry Johnny. You know as well as I do that if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead. Did you ever love a woman, Johnny? I mean, really love her? Have you been bad, Johnny? Have you been bad with other girls?

“Johnny, remember the night? Johnny. It’s my fault. There’s been a screw-up. Johnny, I knew their secrets. I was just on my way up, Johnny.

“Oh, it’s just-Johnny now? We don’t get that out here in Newark, Just-Johnny. What’s your deal, Just-Johnny? You changed your name and thought you changed everything. Do you know what color my eyes are, Johnny? What're you rebelling against, Johnny? Where in the hell are you from anyway, Johnny? You haven't changed at all, Johnny.

“Johnny, I don’t understand. What made you do all this? No, Johnny. I cannot operate without a drink! Johnny, wait a minute. Can’t you stop this? Johnny, please! We've been over that! He's sweet, but it was so, innocent! You'd better watch your mouth, Johnny! That’s what I love about you Johnny. You are just as sharp as a razor. Layoff Johnny. You’ve enough on your hands for one day. Johnny, why don't you get rid of the grief you got for that blonde, whoever she is.

“Oh, I'm sorry Johnny. I know that had to hurt. I guess that squares us, Johnny. No Johnny. Please, don’t. Johnny, I’m in a state tonight. I don’t know why. I want to be alone. Johnny, where are you going?

“Now look Johnny. Out there I think you got me wrong. I’ve got a job a to do here, but I’m not hard to get a long with. You’ve been havin’ yourself a time, huh Johnny? Well-done Johnny. Another soul saved from eternal damnation. You really think those people out there care about you? You're just a fad to them, Johnny!

“Johnny, really, you are the limit. How can you be so gay about something you should be ashamed of? Sorry, Johnny. You hear stories.

“Johnny, you finally did something for me. Look, Johnny, don't it look elegant? That's beautiful Johnny. Do you really mean it Johnny? Johnny, you’re a genius. Johnny, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Johnny, I’m just beginning to understand you. You’re a baby. Come on Johnny, let’s go have a beer, and I’ll beat the living Christmas out of you. Let’s go some place. Let’s get out of here. Every time you look around, there’s cops.

“Johnny. What happened to that cop? Let’s go give him a bad time.

“Johnny, you mustn’t joke with me. I don’t know how to flirt. I know Johnny. I know you want me so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But, not this time. You’ve got that kamikaze look Johnny. I’ve seen it before. Oh I love it when you get angry, Johnny. I really do. You're so, bestial!

“Johnny come here. There’s something you need to see. Johnny, please! Let me explain. Johnny! Shut up a minute, Johnny. Listen to me. I should have been a better friend. I shoulda stopped you. I shoulda grabbed you by the neck; I shoulda kicked your teeth in. I'm sorry Johnny.

“Johnny, I've got something to show you.

“90-seconds Johnny. That's all I ask for, just 90-seconds of your life Johnny, that's it. Johnny, I didn’t mean to get in your face. Oh, Johnny, a woman's love is like the morning dew: it's as apt to settle on a horse turd as a rose. I love you, Johnny. I've been looking in every ditch from Fresno to here hoping you was dead. Once I would’ve crawled at your feet just to be close to you Johnny. I’ve looked for you in every man I’ve met. I have waited for you Johnny. What took you so long?

“Johnny, it’s crazy isn’t it? You’re afraid of me. Well, your philosophy's slightly cock-eyed, Johnny, but I like the way you carry your chin. Save me Johnny. Talk to me Johnny. Sing me a song. Buy me a beer. Johnny, don’t you remember? The last time we went out scrambling? Johnny, you were going to give me that statue? Will you give it to me now? This is different Johnny. Really different. You’re gonna love it. Come on Johnny. You can do it. Use your arms. Fly like an eagle. Johnny! You're on fire! Come on Johnny. I’m singing tonight Johnny. I’m really singing. I’m on the Christmas tree. That’s it Johnny. Go for it. We are gonna ride this all the way Johnny. You and me. So let’s go. They're listening in America, Johnny. Come on Johnny. Go. Go. Come on Johnny. Johnny, you'll have to teach me how. Johnny, I can't do that. I can't do that, Johnny. Johnny, I never let anyone kiss me like this before! Johnny, that isn't even decent. I can't do it, Johnny! I'll look ridiculous! Why, it simply isn't done! I’m shaky. I wish I was going someplace. Johnny. Johnny. I love you. Johnny, do you realize the penalty for impersonating an angel?

“But that’s what makes it great Johnny. We can exist on a different plane. We can make our own rules Johnny. Why be a servant to the law when you can be its master? To us, Johnny! Look. Look at it Johnny. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Honestly, Johnny, you're only good for two things: making music and making love.

“Leave it alone, Johnny. Johnny. What is it with you? You got that look again. You’re going to tell me something then you don’t.

“You haven't changed at all, Johnny. We can't double-cross him. He wants to spill the whole set-up. Johnny, my chin is hanging out right along side yours. How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise, Johnny? Listen to yourself, Johnny. You're talking to a tornado.

“You're cock-eyed, Johnny! All cock-eyed!

“You know, Johnny, when you play solitaire you can only beat yourself. Johnny, there’s going to be no more borrowing. Sorry Johnny, I don't have a dime. Johnny, I still don’t understand. Are you broke? Answer me Johnny. Do it or you’re gonna die Johnny. Johnny, a man can cheat or man cannot cheat. You can’t shut me up Johnny. Not anymore.

“You just tell me the truth Johnny. Did your parents die in the car accident?

“I hate you too, Johnny. I hate you so much; I think I'm going to die from it. You do hate me, don't you, Johnny? She was my only friend Johnny. You ruined everything. Why Johnny? Why Johnny? Would it interest you to know how much I hate you, Johnny? You’re one dead Johnny. That’s what you are. Johnny, I swear to God, if you open your mouth about any of this.

“Johnny, don’t! That’s my entire livelihood. Johnny, hand me that bag of money. It was a mistake to send for you Johnny. Johnny, we better come up with something real quick. There are all sorts of jobs, Johnny. Like acting, Johnny. And bringing something to life, it's the same thing. That's why you can't get a job acting, Johnny, because you can't feel anything.

“You're not going to use that gun, Johnny. Do you suppose murderers are happy, Johnny? What good did we do? Nothing! We used to do it real good Johnny. Killing. The memories. They haunt me Johnny! I had this dream about the devil. He reserved a whole floor of hell, just for me Johnny. What do you think about that? Hey Johnny, what did that Mexican mean by a sick horse is going to get us? Some men take to a side of killing, Johnny. Just make sure when the killing time comes you're standing on the right side.

“That’s better, Johnny. What do I do now, Johnny? You told me to dry my eyes and blow my nose in that order. All right, Johnny, but what about my money? Johnny, you owe me. I did time for you.

“You know Johnny, when I was on the inside I used to defend you. I used to say Johnny’s okay, Johnny’s good, Johnny’s a hero. But I was wrong. Johnny, you don't know what a few months in jail can do to you. You get mean in jail, I don't care Johnny, I really don't care who gets blown up. I might know a few things, might tell you lies, tantalize you a bit. But I really don't care that much.

“Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. How can you sit there playing that dreamy music with me and this? Don't get happy, Johnny. That's why I'm here Johnny, to kill myself.

“You'd better go, Johnny. Johnny, you're exactly as big as I let you be, and no bigger, and don't forget it, ever. Johnny, I’ll see you in the next life! I’ll see you in hell Johnny. I’m out of here Johnny. I can't be seen with every Stage Door Johnny. Johnny, write my mother a letter and tell her I’m in the can. Good luck, Johnny. Be brave, huh, Johnny. Sorry Johnny, but it's only business. Bye bye, Johnny. Goodbye Johnny. I love you. See you later Johnny. Goodbye. See you around Johnny. Any last words, Johnny?

“Johnny, you mean you’re going to? Johnny, why were you asking all those questions about the poison? Johnny, you were going to kill yourself! Who do you thinks gonna pay for the funeral, Johnny? Don’t cry, Johnny. We’ve all done something Johnny boy. Johnny, if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Not all of us are dealing with our demons, Johnny. Some of us are the demons. I'm sorry I got you into this Johnny. No don’t. I didn’t know. Don’t Johnny. We're living, Johnny. We're living. So let's make it count. Oh Johnny, but it’ll be different now. We’ll make it different. Johnny, let’s go back. Let’s go home and see it all through together. It will work. I know it will. Johnny, please! Do you love me, Johnny?

“Johnny? Hurry Johnny. They’re coming. Do you understand me? This mission is over! Look at them out there! Look at them! If you won't end this now, they will kill you. Is that what you want? It's over Johnny. It's over! Hey Johnny, what’s the pitch? We leavin’? You were right Johnny; you can't win no matter what you do! Johnny, you’re about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. How do you feel about that? Johnny, you haven’t told us what it’s all about.

“Johnny, I'm scared.

“Sit down Johnny. We’ve both done a lot of living. The problem is we have to figure out how to do a little more. No Johnny, no. It’s not our war. Come on, Johnny. Let's run away. Do you know the hotel, Johnny? I'm in no hurry. The earth and the sun and the sky will still be there when we get there, Johnny. Johnny, where we goin’?

“A hero? Did you hear that, Johnny? We've just been pardoned! They've turned us into heroes, Johnny. You got your hat, your badge and your boots! You got it all, don't you Johnny? You got everything! You're happy, aren't you Johnny? Well, I got just the tune that will fit you! Let's do this Johnny! Don’t be late Johnny. There’s no time, Johnny.

“Well, that's my story, Johnny.”