Leslie McGrath
An Introduction to the Nonfiction folio

The tenth issue of Drunken Boat marks the evolution of our design and content as well as an anniversary celebration. Our nonfiction folio represents the dawn of a focus on nonfiction. As in poetry, fiction and web-based arts, our aesthetic for nonfiction is as broad as the discipline—from the journalistic to the cutting edge.

This issue’s folio is small—only six pieces—but wide ranging in terms of style and theme. There’s Jotham Burrello’s meditation on speed, Jo Page’s humorous story connecting sin to a single red Barbie mule and Caleb Powell’s examination of genocide. Gabriel Houck’s lyric piece stitches together ideas of maps, geological sounds and home. Ron Singer offers a traveler’s guide to New York City. And Robert Lunday’s memoir, Fayettnam, about growing up in the South in the seventies, is excerpted here.

We’re doing something new with nonfiction for our next issue: asking writers and artists for short pieces (1000 words or less) based on the prompt, “Life in an Age of Contraction.” We’re looking for nonfiction perspectives from around the world on the effect of the global economic crisis. How has your life, your family’s, friends’ and neighbors’ lives changed in the last year? Are these changes positive, negative, or mixed? Are they likely to last? Tell us.

Leslie McGrath