Best of Drunken Boat
Issue Four
by John Joynt

Issue 4 marks the high tide of exuberance and naivety. After three semiannual releases, DB with the welling fervor of a sapling e-zine stretching its branches upon the bare blue amble of March sky declared... “Drunken Boat has changed from a semi-annual to a quarterly schedule of publication.” Of course, this marks the return to an annual publication... All kidding aside, it was this issue that I was initiated to the readership of DB. The two tone green. The multitude of artist genres. The latter is what drew me to DB. Rather than the monomania of other e-zines, DB offered Fiction, Poetry, Translations, Sounds, Photography, Expository, Web Art. All aesthetically different, antipodal, and self-challenging as a whole. In DB I saw the aesthetic of the original/archetype texter Arthur Rimbaud. Issue 4 is “an ensemble of innovative work including Jonathan Minton’s algorithmic poetry, Sue Kwock Kim’s evocative utterances, Stanza’s interactive Soundscraper, Isabelle Hayeur’s uncertain landscapes, Paul Stephens’ philippic against America’s poet laureate, and Sarah Davis’ dexterous, award-winning prose.” I remember the letch of random thoughts that followed my reading of the issue, the arcade of somnambulism prior to awakening where visceral and dream blend into pure vision. Of course I went back to sleep.... and forgot it all.