Mai Mang
Wild Grass

By muddy and rainy columns
In wilderness
On a platform where the train never arrives
At the entrance of Hell
           Continues to grow

In conspiracy between a swallow and a crow
In wolf’s lonely sleep
In pigsty
In putrid meat gathering maggots
           Continues to grow

During word by word close reading
In extreme fatigue
In black smoke of utterly shameful love
At crematorium
           Continues to grow

Among crowds of strangers
Embraced by double-crossing arms
Threatened by snails
Shaded by overlapping branches and leaves of Enlightenment
           Continues to grow

Instructed by rats
Under the magic spell of time
With sincerity of satire
Between unforgettable spring and summer instead of Spring and Autumn
           Continues to grow

In April
In May
In June
After ten plus five years
           Continues to grow

Translated from the Chinese by the author.