Huang Canran
The Cheering Of Heavy Rain Enclosed My Empty Room As I Sang Aloud In The Rain ...

The cheering of heavy rain enclosed my empty room
As I sang aloud in the rain
In the rain I smashed the soil
Furiously thrashing Father’s crops

My soul has hurt him
My hoe crashed his silence
At the door Father waved his arms in thunder
As the cheering of heavy rain deafened my ears

Father’s glowering eyes unleashed the lightning
Lashing the sky behind me
As I took shelter in bushes of clouds
Father’s lungs exploded into pieces

Oh neighing wind!
Oh bleating clouds!
As the cheering of heavy rain washed away my singing
My empty room rang with trills

As the heavy rain ripped out my roof
I storm out of the front door of my childhood
Next time we met I became the guest of honor
Next time I returned with my luggage from the world

Translated from the Chinese by Martha P.Y. Cheung.