Rita Wong
canola queasy

     dedicated to Percy Schmeiser, the Saskatchewan farmer who was
     threatened and sued by Monsanto because genetically engineered
     canola happened to blow into his fields

     “In April 1997, Monsanto pulled two varieties of genetically engineered canola
     seeds from the Canadian market after testing revealed that at least one of the
     patented herbicide-tolerant transgenic varieties contained an ‘unexpected’ gene.
     This was after 60,000 bags of the seeds had already been sold throughout
     Western Canada.”
          Mae-Wan Ho

vulture capital hovers over our dinner tables, covers hospitals a lurid shade of canola, what gradient decline in the stuck market, what terminal severity in that twenty-year monopoly culled the patent regime, its refrain of greed, false prophets hawk hydrophobic that is oily platitudes to justify rapacity as they engineer despair in those brilliant but foolish yellow genetically stacked prairie crops. refrain from greed, i want to advise them, but how to converse with the willfully profitable stuck in their monetary monologue? head-on collisions create more energy but who gets obliterated? despite misgivings i blurt, don’t shoot the messy angels with your cell-arranging blasts, don’t document their properties in order to pimp them. the time for business-as-usual is over. it died with the first colonial casualty. stop the clock. hey bloated monstrosity: transcribe your ethics first or your protein mass shall turn protean mess and be auctioned off in the stacked market and so you shall endlessly reap your cussed stunts.