Shdiva Black

My name is Shdiva Black, and I am happily married to Sherri White. We are a Black, queer, married couple, who are elders at ages 61 and 52, and who are both well educated professionals. I am a Black femme from middle class beginnings with an Ivy League education and two Master Degree's. My spouse Sherri is also from middle class beginnings and she is also well educated with a Master’s Degree and a California Teaching Credential. I emphasize education because in our society we believe education will uplift us and potentially shield us from the hardship of homelessness. My spouse is a high school history teacher. She experienced a long layoff during the recession when the market for California teachers was challenged, and was unable to find permanent employment thereafter.  I am disabled and had health issues which prevented me from working. As a result, we exhausted all resources and eventually lost everything, became homeless, and had to go to our car.