Radostina A. Angelova

Radostina A. Angelova, PhD, DSc, was born in 1969 in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she currently works as an associate professor at the Technical University of Sofia. Her three novels, Vienna Apartment (2012), Imago (2013), and The Back Side (2014), were published by Janet 45 Publishing House in Plovdiv. Angelova was invited to participate in the European Festival of First Novelists at the Budapest Book Fair (2013). She was also the winner of the Second European Competition for a Poetry Book in English for authors whose native language is not English with The Colours of the Old Lady (2011). She is the recipient of national awards for poetry and short stories and has published her poems, haiku, and short stories in English, Japanese, Hungarian and Bulgarian. She is a member of The Haiku Association, and has been included in European Top 100 for most creative haiku authors for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Angelova speaks English, Spanish, Russian, and Bulgarian.