Geet Chaturvedi

Geet Chaturvedi (b. 1977) is a noted Hindi poet and novelist. He has authored six books, including two collections of novellas–Savant Aunty Ki Ladkiyan and Pink Slip Daddy, and two collections of poetry. He has translated into Hindi the poems of Neruda, Lorca, Adonis, Milosz, Zagajewski, Bei Dao, Dunya Mikhail, Mersal and Chirinos. His poems have been translated into twelve languages. He was awarded Bharat Bhushan Agrawal Award for poetry (2007), Krishna Pratap Award for fiction (2014), and named one of ‘Ten Best Writers’ of India by English Daily Indian Express (2011). Geet lives in Bhopal, India. Twitter @geetchaturvedi.