Deyan Enev was born on 11 August 1960 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has a degree in Bulgarian philology from Sofia University. He has worked as a teacher and journalist. He has published six collections of short stories as well as other books of fiction, including Book for the Night Train (1987), Rambling Lectures (1992), People Hunter (1994), Slaughtering the Rooster (1997), Heads and Tails (2000), Be Merciful, O God (2004), All at the Bow of the Ship, Sofia Stories (2005), A Town Called Mendocino (2009), Seven Christmas Stories (2009), A Nation of Hesychasts (2010), The Little Bulgarian from Alaska (2011), and Hemingway’s Grandson (2013). His work has won various numerous awards and been translated and published in Austria and Great Britain, among others. Enev writes a column for Culture, a weekly magazine. He is a married father of two.