Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke was raised in Western Canada, and currently lives in Princeton, NJ.  His translations include work by Raymond Queneau (New Directions), Patrick Modiano (NYRB Classics), and Pierre Mac Orlan (Wakefield Press, forthcoming), among others. His recent Outranspo-related projects include organizing a many-handed translation of an excerpt from Queneau’s “Les Fleurs Bleues” that passes from Italo Calvino’s Italian translation through those of 37 other translators via 6 languages, as well as a collaborative translation of a simultaneous 5-act play by Olivier Salon & Jacques Jouet (w/Emma Ramadan). He was awarded a PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant in 2016 for his translation of Marcel Schwob’s “Imaginary Lives” (forthcoming, Wakefield Press).