Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan, the true successor of Rimal, was born in a well-off Thakali family of Tukuche, Mustang in Nepal. He started under a pen name, 'Sarvahara', and published Naya Jhaure, a collection of songs in popular Jhaure meter. He moved to Kathmandu around late 60s and came in touch with Krishna Bhakta Shrestha and Basu Shashi and founded a literary organization, Rodi. Around this period, he wrote against the then one-party Panchayat regime and was jailed. Later he shed his pen name and Sanskrit meter and started publishing in little literary magazines like Rooprekha and Sahitya. Later he shot to fame with his epoch making book, Gumne Mechmathi Andho Manche, (A Blind Man in a Revolving Chair). Bhupi died in 1989.