Éric Plamondon

Éric Plamondon was born in Québec in 1969 and currently lives in Bordeaux. He has written three novels published by Le Quartanier that make up the 1984 trilogy on three American icons. The first book, Hungary-Hollywood Express (2011), is the story of Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic athlete and the first Tarzan in speaking films. In Mayonnaise (2012), the series narrator Gabriel Rivages crosses paths with the last of the beatniks, cult writer Richard Brautigan. The last installment is Apple S (2013) on Steve Jobs and the history of computers. The 1984 trilogy is being published in France by Phébus and in North America by Esplanade Books. Plamondon has also published a novella, Ristigouche (Le Quartanier, 2013).