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Our Managing Editors have returned from the AWP conference in Denver, and via Facebook, Leslie quickly reports that it was “relaxed and enjoyable”. Good to know!

Recently, I spoke with Rob Ray, our new Art Editor. Of course, in the literary and arts worlds, we’re accustomed to writing and perusing bios. So, in addition to Rob’s sterling list of accomplishments, I wanted to know the most important fact of all. It’s even more important than his education and recent artistic works: Rob, what do you do when you’re standing at a pedestrian crosswalk? Do you wait until traffic is clear and then walk ahead on your own, without aid of the signals? Or, like our New York brethren, do you just keep punching along, crosswalk or no crosswalk?

“At first, I thought that was a tough question,” he says, “until I realized the only time I can recall waiting at an intersection is because there is a car coming. Which means… I just go on as soon as there’s no traffic.”

Oh, Rob. You like to live on the wild side. As for me,  I usually obey the signals, although 90 percent of the time I like to punch through the crowd. See, I’m partly New York (aggressive), partly San Francisco (mellow), but all cosmopolitan. At any rate, here’s more about Rob:

ROB RAY examines technology in public and outdoor spaces. This examination results in interactive public artworks, experimental films and audio works.

His most recent interactive work, GET LOST! was commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Cumbria and Lancashire, UK. His video game disguised as ATM, Bucky’s Animal Spirit, was selected for the art.tech exhibition at The Lab (San Francisco), and the (re)load exhibition at Antena (Chicago). Other recent exhibitions include the Without You I’m Nothing show at Green Lantern Gallery (Chicago) and the Squirrel! exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside (Troy, NY).

Recent filmworks include Canaries in the Coalmine, exhibited at the Onion City Film Festival (Chicago) and winner of the DIGIT 2009 Excellence in Cinematography prize.

Rob also collaborates with Jason Soliday and Jon Satrom as a member of the Chicago-based circuit-bent multimedia noise trio I Love Presets.

From 1999 to 2008, Rob was founder and head curator of DEADTECH electronic arts center in Chicago. DEADTECH’s unique curatorial vision, residency program, and exhibition and workshop spaces were all created to cater to the specific needs of the electronic artist and performer. DEADTECH exhibited artists from across the globe including the Beige Programming Ensemble, Trevor Paglen, Norman White, Kevin Drumm, T.V. Pow and Kazuyuki K. Null.

Rob is currently attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Electronic Arts MFA program in Troy, NY.

Ever watch The Simpsons? Rob has been known to greet an audience with, “Hi everybody!”

If Rob decides to feign eligibility in the carpool lane by riding with cadavers, I won’t be surprised. After all, isn’t that just the next logical step after disobeying crosswalk signals…?

In all seriousness, welcome to Drunken Boat, Rob!

By Joe “Lionel Hutz” Ramelo, Social Media Assistant.

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Published Apr 14, 2010 - Comments Off on Introducing DB’s new Art Editor

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