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New York City simultaneously promises the world and breaks the rules. In moments of reduced motion or stillness — trapped in the back of a cab that is stuck in traffic, or meandering through a congested crosswalk and wishing you could just walk over everyone in front of you — the city continues to move, seemingly at its fastest.

Check out Jacob Kedzierski’s two photos — how they trace the line from rest to stillness. The line traces such a circular pattern as to become a single shape, an entity that is one and the same. Granted: the setting in both photos could be any metropolis. But anyone familiar with the varied color schemes of MTA subway cars will recognize the second photo and, as to the first photo, the NYC Taxi logo is discernible upon close inspection. It’s at this point that New York City becomes the stand-in, not just for any city, but for life itself. In the first photo, take a look at the transition between pavement and traffic. Alone, the pavement is simply an empty space. Alone, traffic is simply chaos. When they are juxtaposed together, these concepts form a single entity. There is a marriage of purpose.

no where to go: Placed between each photo, Kedzierski’s caption would indicate being stuck. Our subway passenger in the second photo certainly looks aimless and, for the moment, perhaps dead. Yet slumped over, there is awareness in the positioning of the body. There is some degree of purpose to the way the body rests against the bag. That body, even at rest, is at attention, knowing that it will have to wake up soon. In life, we have to wait for our subway stop. We’re ticking away the minutes that pass as our cab lurches along. In stillness, we’re always moving. We’re not transients. The destination is the drifter.

By Joe Ramelo, Social Media Assistant.
Photo credit: Denver flag. Creative Commons licensed
redistribution ©en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Mysid

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Published Apr 01, 2010 - Comments Off on New York as life

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