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door of thin skins

Congratulations to Shira Dentz, Drunken Boat’s Reviews Editor, on the publication of her second book, door of thin skins (CavanKerry Press) a hybrid of poetry, prose, and visual elements; a tale that unfolds in a psychotherapist’s and a state prosecutor’s office and the mind of the poet regarding it all.

PoetryNet has chosen Shira to be Poet of the Month during National Poetry 2013 as well.

Here’s what people are saying about door of thin skins

door of thin skins is a perfect title for Shira Dentz’s latest work. In this fever dream of a book, Dentz’s language is like a spirit who can pass through the scrims of time and perspective, but not unscathed. These poems are the toll. She sings what fails to kill us. —Cornelius Eady

door of thin skins tracks the misuse of power in a patient/doctor relationship in shattering detail.  A patient is cut off from her body and the doctor imposes his.  Her senses have dispersed as if to escape the troubled site. In these poems, the experiences that tear the mind and the mind’s language must be recollected in language, which becomes a reenactment of the wounding.  What the poet must do, and does, is let language be torn apart so that the senses (sense) may re-collect in beauty, in the body of the poem —Eleni Sikelianos

door of thin skins is available at Amazon, selected bookstores, and distributed through UPNE.



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Published Apr 08, 2013 - Comments Off on “door of thin skins” — new book by Shira Dentz

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