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Beyond the Extremes: Contemporary Narratives of Exploration

We’ve charted most every inch of the planet. What’s next?


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The “age of exploration” is long past. We’ve charted most every inch of the planet, So what’s left to explore?

It seems we’re no longer sending men and women into space, and even if you make it to the arctic or the top of Mount Everest you’re sure to have cell phone service. Well, at least you can tweet about it.

Maybe the novelty and romanticism of exploring the unknown no longer exists. But some modern day “explorers” are still getting excited about going “beyond the extremes” — today we hear from a panel  hosted by WNPR and Drunken Boat, international online journal of the arts, last week at the University of Hartford on “Contemporary Narratives of Exploration”

We were joined by modern day explorers looking at land, sea and space. And we’ll explore the intersection of exploration and art.


** Audio Extra: Clare Rossini reads several poems on Joseph Banks

Opening remarks by Ravi Shankar: 

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Published May 23, 2012 - Comments Off on WNPR & DB Radio Show on “Exploration” Live

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