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Radha Says

The final collection by award-winning poet Reetika Vazirani, published by Drunken Boat.

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Annotations of contemporary poetry edited by Lisa Russ Spaar, published by Drunken Boat.


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Hypnopoeia, Hypnogeography, Hypnoecology: And Other Imagined Futures. Drunken Boat, online journal of the arts, announce a call for works in a variety of media (poems, artworks, essays, photography, translations, architectural blueprints, videos, web work, mixed media, documentary, theatrical production) that respond to the question of how, as poet Leslie Scalapino writes, “the inside and the outside simultaneously create each other.” The prefix “hypno” comes from the Greek hupnos meaning sleep and many might think that a hypnotic state is only inner directed. But trance states can point towards the potential for radical change in outward manifestations of larger human consciousness(es)—and we are seeking works that understand “hypno” as central to bringing the writer/artist in conversation with a reader and from there, to the wider social realm. The catastrophic future—the one we seem to be headed towards—hasn’t happened yet and this folio will collect imaginings of what is possible. Deadline: March, 2012.

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Published Jun 13, 2011 - Comments Off on Call for Submissions: Hypnopoeia

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