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Christian Peet from Tarpaulin Sky has written a very kind review of Ghosty by Kristen Nelson and Noah Saterstrom, of DB12 fame (okay, and fame plenty elsewhere).

A few weeks ago, the online magazine Drunken Boat published a collaboration between Kristen Nelson and Noah Saterstrom2, entitled “Ghosty.” Noah’s drawings accompany Kristen’s spare but moving account of the death of the narrator’s father, with whom she had a conflicted, troubled relationship. While the story suggests that her father’s remains will likely end up as ashes, what “remains” for the narrator is a host of unanswered (and perhaps unanswerable) questions, and an inability to articulate even the simplest of responses to a question about what sort of life he had lived–though, she says, “an unspoken answer fills up my mouth. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Read the full review at Tarpaulin Sky.

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Published Oct 09, 2010 - Comments Off on Christian Peet Reviews “Ghosty” from DB12

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