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I’m afraid that it is now that time of the academic year when my reading life is just a relic of earlier hopes, and all here is in one state of disrepair or another, but here are the books that I have bookmarks in: Lyn Hejinian’s The Book of a Thousand Eyes; a new collection simply titled Three Poets from Minus A Press that includes new work from John Ashbery, Timothy Donnelly, and Geoffrey G. O’Brien; Maurice Blanchot’s The Writing of the Disaster; Kenneth Cox’s Collected Studies in the Use of English; Spenser’s Mutability Cantos; and for a bit of escape at night, Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall.

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Published Dec 20, 2012 - Comments Off on What I’m Reading Now… by Dan Beachy-Quick

Congratulations to Shira Dentz, whose poem “a woman all about love yesterday.” was selected by the Academy of American Poets, as part of their Poem-A-Day project (on December 13). Shira is Drunken Boat’s Reviews Editor; her books include black seeds on a white dish and Leaf Weather.


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Published Dec 16, 2012 - Comments Off on “a woman all about love yesterday.” by Shira Dentz at poets.org

At the moment I am reading or rather as user interacting on screen with Illya Szilak’s multi-media digital novel: Reconstructing Mayakovsky. (See her Huff-Post blog: “The Death of the Novel: How E-Lit Revolutionizes Fiction”). I am reading & rereading the PDF of Sarah Gridley’s Loom (Omnidawn, April 2013), a gorgeous book-length pastoral meditation/postmodern allegory — “rouging silver and wildly cold.” I stare at the photographs, illustrations & text of Tan Lin’s uncanny memoir Insomnia and the Aunt (Kenning Editions) — “As any mathematician can tell you, lovers like drapes are feeble signs of a light that can’t come in, for the minute a TV show or a person becomes memorized (the worst form of recognition), it or she ceases to exist in any meaningful way. A dumb TV show is the most beautiful TV show.” I am also rereading three books: John Stilgoe’s elegant & profound essay Shallow Water Dictionary: A Grounding in Estuary English — “In the shallows the oarsman pulls precisely.” Kafka’s Blue Octavo Notebooks – “Evil is the starry sky of Good.” & Wittgenstein’s On Certainty — “If a blind man were to ask me ‘Have you got two hands?’ I should not make sure by looking.”

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Published Dec 06, 2012 - 1 Comment so far